Users of our HubSpot integration can now take advantage of some additional custom fields on Contact records geared towards creating more granular reporting.
Being able to understand which Contacts created via Orbit ultimately turned into deals is great for Community ROI, and you can do this today.
The latest update to our HubSpot integration adds two additional fields to new Contact records:
  • Original Community Source
    is a record of where the first community activity for that member took place. It reflects the
    First Active
    source from their Orbit Member profile
  • Orbit Level
    takes the Orbit Level (1-4) of the member at the time their Contact record in HubSpot is created.
Using these fields in your attribution reporting allows you to create breakdowns of the Community Sources that have led to the most Contacts, and ultimately associated Deals, that have been created so you can spot particular platforms or parts of your community that drive deals.
Similarly, breaking down Contacts that led to Deals by Orbit Level will give you insight into what level members typically reach at the time they meed your CQL (Community Qualified Lead) criteria.
The update is available now. Existing users should head to the HubSpot integration settings in Orbit, and make sure to upgrade to take advantage of these new fields.
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