Over the past few months, Twitter has made numerous changes to its API, both in terms of capabilities as well as how they charge for API access. To put it mildly, the specific implementation, impact, and timing of these changes have not been well communicated in advance and we are reacting in real time as best we can.
Unfortunately, the most recent pricing changes have severe impacts on how Orbit currently leverages its API on behalf of our users. Their previously open and completely free API allowed us to offer our Twitter integration on all plans, including our Free tier.
However, these changes mean we need to revise the way we integrate with Twitter and what we can offer you, our users.
Right now, our team is working to roll out an updated Twitter integration that takes into account the changes. Unfortunately, we will need to deprecate the existing integration first, and there will be an interim period without Twitter support in Orbit (more details below).
The good news is that once the transition is complete, we should be able to recover any Twitter data “missed” during the interim period.
On April 27, Orbit will deprecate our existing Twitter integrations.
Here’s what that means:
  • Twitter follows and mentions will no longer create activities in your workspace
  • Twitter keyword monitoring will be disabled
  • Twitter identity context, like profile picture, bio, and follower counts, will no longer be automatically populated in the member profile
  • Twitter DMs in action and workflows will no longer be available
Following the deprecation of our current integration, we will finish and roll out an updated integration.
The new integration will require manual configuration steps and could cost an additional $100 per month, per Twitter's new API pricing.
🚨 If you’d like to learn more or opt-in to using this new integration, please complete this form as soon as possible.
If you have questions or want to discuss, join us in our Discord forum here
Here are a few answers to questions you might have:
What will happen to my existing tweets and keywords mentions after the integration is deprecated?
All Twitter data in your workspace by April 27 will remain, but no new Twitter activity will be ingested until and if the new integration is connected.
Why is there a gap between versions of the Twitter integration?
Twitter provided very little notice of these changes, and additionally, have not provided clear guidance to API users on when the changes will take effect. We’re working as quickly as possible to coordinate with current customers and make updates to our infrastructure, but for the reasons above, there will be a transition period.
What will happen to Twitter mentions during the gap?
There will be a gap between deprecating the current integration and releasing the new one, but any mentions missed during that time frame will be imported during setup of the new integration.
When will the new integration be available?
We’re working on that now. If you’d like to use the new integration or just stay in the loop, please complete the form.
If you have any other questions, feel free to reply directly to this email, or post in our product forum on Discord.