Mark an Organization as a customer via API
Understanding which of your customers are present in your community is incredibly valuable information, especially when it comes to revenue attribution and ROI from community efforts.
We released the ability to sync customers from HubSpot in December 2022, and today we are excited to announce that
you can now update customer specific information on Organizations in Orbit via our API
This means that you can now take new customer information from
CRM system and sync it against the Organizations in your Orbit workspace using your own custom scripts, webhooks or low/no code applications such as Zapier or Pipedream.
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By adding this information you can unlock the ability to:
  • Understand which Organizations are customers (or other lifecycle stage), and which community members work for those customers.
  • See the date they became a customer, and what community engagement came before that point.
  • Identify which colleague is the account owner for that customer, so you can offer additional support in the deal process.
  • Create a direct link between an Organization profile and the associated profile in your CRM for easy access.
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Having this data in Orbit allows you to understand what impact your community effort had on their decision, in addition to knowing how engaged in the community an organization was, and what activities they performed before signing up with you.
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Any Organizations and their associated members will be identified by a special 'C' check mark next to their name so you can visually identify them in the Orbit UI. You'll also have the ability to use 'Customer/Not a Customer' attributes as part of your filtering options.
Check out our API documentation to learn more about the new fields available.