Reddit Keyword Filtering

Our Reddit integration now supports Keyword Filtering. This update allows you to specify keywords to watch for across all of your selected subreddits.
Existing users can head to their integration settings to set up their keyword filtering. Take a look at our Reddit integration documentation to understand how it works and what areas we check for the keywords.
For new users, you can set up your keyword filtering at the same time you select up to five Subreddits that you want to monitor.
We’ve also updated our Filters so you can use Activity Properties to query activities based on the keywords you have set up.
Here at Orbit, we
using the keyword filtering, especially for Subreddits that are not 100% dedicated to your community, brand or product.
* This is a great way to ensure you are only creating activities and members that are relevant to you.
Please note, the amount of subreddits you can subscribe to per Reddit integration has been lowered to 5. This is to prevent users from importing too many activities from generic subreddits that are not relevant to their community.