Review Merge Suggestions Faster
Orbit App
We've made it a lot easier for you to review the merge suggestions in your workspace!
Reviewing merge suggestions allows you to unify member profiles and remove duplicate members. Orbit creates a merge suggestion whenever it evaluates that two members correspond to the same person but can not assert it.
Click the button with the merge icon to open the new Merge UI:
New Merge UI
  • Compare members side-by-side
  • Set any of these 3 statuses: Merge, Not a Duplicate, Snooze (not sure)
  • Use the keyboard to speed up reviews
  • See the number of remaining merge suggestions and adjust settings
Review relevant merge suggestions
By clicking 'adjust settings', you can prioritize the merge suggestions to review:
  1. From recently active members
  2. With a minimal number of member attributes to compare
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