Workspace API Tokens
For Developers
We have added the ability to create API tokens that are associated with your workspace, rather than individual users!
Workspace API Tokens are now available in your Workspace
and can be used to make API requests immediately.
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Here are some of the reasons why we're excited about this:
  • They are centralized. All
    workspace owners
    can access them, create them, regenerate and revoke them.
  • You can create as many Workspace API Tokens as you like, with memorable names, so it's easier to separate the external services and applications that use our API.
  • Workspace API Tokens prevent disruption to services if a teammate leaves the workspace and their token was being used for something important.
  • Workspace API Tokens allow you to attribute API activity to a service or application, rather than a person, by giving the token a memorable name.
Don't worry,
we're not replacing your original API tokens
. They are still active and you can still use them, however we recommend that you move any Zapier, Ready-to-Connect integrations and external services that use the Orbit API over to a new Workspace API Token to give you and your team greater control.